Mulching is covering

Mulch Films

Mulching is covering the soil around the plant with plastics film, straw, grass, hay, dry leaves, stones etc which prevents the loss of moisture and acts as a barrier between the soil and atmosphere. It helps in moderating the soil temperature & micro-climate in the plant root zone, which helps to increase yield and early maturity of crops. There are coloured plastics mulch films, which determine its energy radiating behavior and also influences the micro climate around the plant. BENEFITS • Early and better harvest • Enhances crop quality • Cleaner vegetables, maintains quality & beauty of fruits • Root pruning is eliminated • Minimizes evaporation • Conservation of soil moisture • Reduces drowning of crops • Saving of energy • Optimum use of water & fertilizers FEATURES • Reflective non-embossed & embossed for extra strength • Single/double colour & UV stabilized • Reduces fertilizer leaching • Reduces escape of air • Fumigation keeps soil intact • Bi-colored mulching films reduce soil compaction TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Thickness : 5 micron to 100 micron Width : 2 ft to 8 ft / 0.6 mtrs to 2.4 mtrs. Length : 400 mtrs to 1000 mtrs Film Appearance : Transparent, Black, Silver-black, Black-white Crops Recommended (%) coverage : Creeper crops : 20-25 Initial stage of orchard crops : 30-50 Fruits crops & cucurbitaceous family : 40-60 Papaya, pine apple and vegetable : 70-80

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