A Step Closer to org

Crop Shield / Crop Covers

A Step Closer to organic farming. Its a great solution for open field vegetable cultivation.Crop covers are non woven light weight polypropylene covering suitable for open field vegetable cultivation. It weights 17 GSM (for summer application) and 23 GSM (for winter application). This is applied on the crop as shown in the image with the help of 4 mm GI wire hoop and it helps in stopping the entry of insects and pests physically. It has following advantages: • It prevents plants from sun burn • Maximizes plant growth by providing a mini-greenhouse effect • Helps to retain CO2leading to higher photosynthesis • Provides optimum microclimate for growth of fruits by allowing passage of air, water, moisture and sunlight • Saves water by 30-40% • Prevents growth of weeds • Healthy and robust plant • Improves fruit uniformity and quality fetching good market prices • Increases yield and thus higher returns • Protects from birds and animals • Protects from harmful insects • Provides opportunity to advance cropping season by regulating micro-climate • Prolongs the harvesting period

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